Updated Provostial Guidelines on Donations

From: Trevor Young, Acting Vice-President and Provost
Date: September 8. 2021
Re: Updated Provostial Guidelines on Donations

All fundraising at the University of Toronto is conducted in accordance with the Provostial Guidelines on Donations which were first established in 1998. These guidelines reflect a robust commitment to fundamental academic principles that shape our relationships with donors.  The University only solicits and accepts gifts for academic priorities that are approved by the Provost at the recommendation of Principals and Deans, in accordance with established procedures for academic planning and academic initiatives. 

The Provostial Guidelines on Donations have provided a robust and successful framework for the relationship between the University and its donors for both the Great Minds Campaign and the Boundless Campaign.  As the University prepares for the public launch of its next campaign and to address the recommendations of the Cromwell Report, the Guidelines have been updated for the first time in over 20 years to make some requirements even more explicit, including strengthened references to the academic approval process, added references on autonomy and confidentiality of hiring decisions, as well as updated and added references to additional related University policies. The Provostial Guidelines for the Selection and Approval of Named Chair Appointments and the Provost’s Statement on the Role of Advisory Bodies have also been similarly updated.