Update on International Priorities and Activities (PDAD&C #21)

From: Edward Sargent, Vice-President, International
Date: September 29, 2016
Re: Update on International Priorities and Activities (PDAD&C #21)

In summer 2016, I consulted with academic leaders from across all three campuses, including the leadership of several Academic Divisions, on international priorities for the University. Together, we identified three initial shared priorities:

  1. The recruitment of international students from a diverse set of source countries. This effort will be aided by engaging with our large and highly accomplished global network of U of T alumni.
  2. The creation of new and enriched international mobility experiences for our students. We want to provide interested students with opportunities to increase their proficiency in international settings through participation in intercultural learning, service, and research experiences.
  3. The development of a focused set of international academic and industry partnerships that benefit and support multiple Divisions, and leverage our collective strengths across the University’s many domains of global excellence.

Delivering on these priorities will require a set of experienced and skilled academic leaders and champions capable of working across existing Vice-Presidential portfolios. To this end, we plan to establish roles that will link and interconnect (see diagram below) the Offices of the Vice-President, International (VPI), the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI), and the Vice-President & Provost (VPP).

  1. Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost, International Student Experience. The incumbent will focus primarily on the first two priorities mentioned above. Close collaboration with the Offices of the VPI and the VPP will be essential.
  2. Associate Vice-President, International Partnerships. The incumbent will focus primarily on the third priority above. Close collaboration with the Offices of the VPI and the VPRI will be essential.

Org Chart
These positions, and the Office of the VPI, will be successful only if they facilitate a high level of collaboration among Vice-Presidents, Associate Vice-Presidents, and Divisional leaders across our three campuses. Consultations regarding these roles and responsibilities are ongoing and I look forward to receiving any additional feedback by October 7. All comments are welcome and will be treated confidentially; I can be reached at:

Edward Sargent
Vice-President, International