Toronto Public Health Mumps Alert (PDAD&C #72)

From: Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students
Date: March 8, 2017
Re: Toronto Public Health Mumps Alert (PDAD&C #72)

There have been outbreaks of mumps in Toronto over the last couple of weeks in the entertainment district and lately in the Toronto District School Board. Public Health have been monitoring the situation closely and informing individuals who might be at risk through contact with a contagious person.

The mumps virus is found most often in saliva and respiratory droplets. It is spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing, or even talking or coming into contact with a person’s saliva by sharing drinks, food or water bottles, or by kissing.

Mumps infection is rare in Toronto, with an average of five cases reported per year from 1997 to 2009. When it does occur it usually infects infants, school-aged children, and young adults. There have been a number of recent outbreaks of mumps in Canada primarily among young adults between 20 and 30 years of age. Most adults born before 1970 have been infected with mumps and are probably immune.

If you have your vaccination records (yellow card) you can see whether you have had 2 MMR vaccinations after your first birthday. If you are unsure of your vaccination status contact your health provider. It may be recommended that you receive a second booster.

For more information, consult Toronto Public Health’s website.