Staff Announcement & Call for Nominations for the Advisory Committee for the Warden of Hart House

From: Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students
Date: October 13, 2022
Re: Staff Announcement & Call for Nominations for the Advisory Committee for the Warden of Hart House

Staff Announcement – Interim Warden, Hart House

I am pleased to announce that the University Affairs Board of Governing Council has approved the appointment of Sherry Kulman as Interim Warden, Hart House for a term beginning October 17, 2022, until January 31, 2023.

Sherry joined Hart House in 2016 and currently holds the position of Senior Director, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). During her time at Hart House Sherry has helped to develop and lead many significant initiatives. Sherry played a key role in the launch of the largest infrastructure renewal project in Hart House’s history to replace all critical infrastructure of the 100 plus year old building, with accessibility being a key strategic objective of this renewal. Furthermore, through her work as CAO, Sherry has expanded revenue significantly for the House through increased membership and the development of services such as an outstanding event and catering venue, that reduces Hart House’s reliance on student fees. She has provided leadership and strategic direction in the areas of administrative, human resource, financial and strategic planning, facility operations and capital projects, hospitality, and information technology.

Prior to joining Hart House, Sherry worked as a Special Projects Officer in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Before her arrival at U of T, Sherry served in a series of executive roles with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto from 2000-2013.  Sherry’s diverse portfolios included the oversight of hundreds of employees, thousands of volunteers, and multi-million-dollar annual budgets that delivered a full range of community-based programs and services – including public education, outreach, fitness, recreation, daycare, and more – to a diverse group of clients in two large, multi-use facilities.

Sherry has demonstrated exceptional leadership during her time at Hart House and this, combined with her previous experience, will ensure that Hart House operations continue to run smoothly during this transition period, until the time in which a new Warden is appointed.

Call for Nominations for the Advisory Committee for the Warden of Hart House

In keeping with University practices, I am writing to call for nominations of individuals to serve on the Committee that will advise on the appointment of a new Warden, Hart House.

The Advisory Committee will begin meeting this fall. Nominations for the Committee should be submitted to the Office of the Vice- Provost, Students by October 24, 2022, via the online form.  Questions about the Advisory Committee or this search