Spaces & Experiences (S&E) 

From: Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships 
Anne Macdonald, Assistant Vice President, Spaces & Experiences 
Joshua Mitchell, Managing Director, Spaces & Experiences 
Date: December 12, 2022 
Re: Spaces & Experiences (S&E) 

In June 2020, Governing Council approved the amalgamation of Ancillary Services with Real Estate Partnerships to create a new portfolio with an expanded mandate filled with exciting possibilities in support of our students, faculty, staff, and the St. George campus. Initially referred to as University Development and Campus Services (UDCS), with the implementation of the 4Corners real estate strategy and the planned expansion of new student communities and collaborative event, food and innovation spaces, a new name was required to properly reflect the depth, breadth, and widespread impact of the portfolio on the St. George campus. 

Effective immediately the newly amalgamated portfolio previously known as Ancillary Services and/or UDCS will now be housed under one umbrella within the VPOREP portfolio called:  

Spaces & Experiences (S&E) 

This name describes what the portfolio creates and provides for the university community and does a better job of describing what is curated, developed, and marketed to our stakeholders – both internal and external.  

We power new possibilities. 

The campus business units that make up Spaces & Experiences are: 

  • University Family Housing 
  • Student Residences (Chestnut, Graduate House, and Knox College) 
  • Food Services 
  • Real Estate Partnerships 
  • Campus Events 
  • Transportation Services 
  • St. George Catering & Campus Beverage 
  • Chestnut Conference Centre 

Together, these business areas reflect an extensive group of creative problem-solvers who support the U of T community by creating environments and experiences that enrich life at the University. Through meals, events, and spaces where students, faculty, staff, and our community live and learn, S&E strives to set new standards for the university experience and empowers U of T’s growth.   

To better reflect the business units listed above under the Spaces & Experiences umbrella, we have re-designed our portfolio website: 

There, you will find portfolio information and links to the newly redesigned individual business unit websites. As of today, our previous site, will no longer be active. 

What does this mean for you? 

As of today, all current materials, communications, and websites within the portfolio have been updated with the new S&E title. We will use this name instead of Ancillary Services moving forward.  

Please share the news with your teams and ask website owners and content managers to remove and replace any references to “Ancillary Services” or “University Development and Campus Services” within your websites, current documentation, and ongoing news and memoranda articles as soon as possible. 

Please note that embedded documents or site links derived from will no longer function. Please replace them with appropriate ones from the new website. 

Lastly, all contact details for Spaces & Experiences referenced in the above materials should be updated with the following: to become 

Thank you for making these changes as soon as possible.  

We look forward to continued engagement and collaboration with the University community to create meaningful spaces and experiences for all.