Results of the 2019 Governing Council and Academic Board Elections (PDAD&C #58)

From:  Anwar Kazimi, Chief Returning Officer
Date:  February 22, 2019
Re: Results of the 2019 Governing Council and Academic Board Elections

Governing Council Elections

It is with pleasure that I provide below the list of successful candidates who will serve on the Governing Council in 2019-2020:


Full-time Undergraduate Students: (Arts and Science, UTM, UTSC and TYP)
Apefa Adjivon
Yining (Elin) Gu

Full-time Undergraduate Students: (Professional Faculties)
Andrew Girgis
Mallory Estelle Jackman

Graduate Students, Constituency I: (Divisions I and II – Humanities and Social Sciences)
L.P. Veilleux

Graduate Students, Constituency II: (Divisions III and IV – Physical Sciences and Life Sciences)
Amin Kamaleddin

Part-time Undergraduate Student:
Susan Froom

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff:
Sarosh Jamal

Teaching Staff

Constituency IC: (Faculty of Arts and Science)
Professor Mark Lautens

Constituency IV:  (Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering)
Professor Jun Nogami

Constituency V (2): (Faculty of Medicine)
Professor K. Sonu Gaind
Professor Sal Spadafora

Academic Board Elections

Faculty of Arts and Science (5):
Professor Ettore Damiano
Professor Paul Downes
Professor William (Bill) Ju
Professor Nick Rule
Professor Rosa Saverin

All other teaching staff seats on the Academic Board were filled by acclamation.  Details of the election results, including the names of all candidates, are available at:

College of Electors Elections for Alumni Governors

Alumni Governors (3):
Harvey Botting
Joan Johnston
Samra Zafar

I would like to offer my congratulations to those who have been elected in their respective constituencies and estates, and I thank everyone who participated in the elections process.