Results of the 2017 Governing Council and Academic Board Elections (PDAD&C #65)

From: Anwar Kazimi, Chief Returning Officer, Office of the Governing Council
Date: February 24, 2017
Re: Results of the 2017 Governing Council and Academic Board Elections (PDAD&C #65)

Governing Council Elections

It is with pleasure that I provide below the list of successful candidates who will serve on the Governing Council in 2017-2018:

Graduate Students, Constituency I: Ms. Mama Adobea Nii Owoo
Graduate Students, Constituency II: Ms. Emeli (Li) Zhang
Full-time Undergraduate Students (FAS, UTM, UTSC, and TYP): Ms. Amanda Harvey-Sânchez and Mr. Robert (Zhi Cheng) Xu
Full-time Undergraduate Students (Professional Faculties): Mr. Aidan Fishman and Mr. Twesh Upadhyaya
Part-time Undergraduate Students: Ms. Susan Froom and Ms. Mala Kashyap

Teaching Staff:
Constituency II: Professor Mohan Matthen
Constituency VII: Professor Jan Mahrt-Smith
Constituency VIII: Professor Normand Labrie

Academic Board Elections*

Teaching Staff:
Faculty of Medicine: Professor Edsel Ing
Faculty of Medicine: Professor Fei-Fei Lui
Faculty of Medicine: Professor Suzan Schneeweiss
Librarian: Ms. Laura Anderson
*An additional election will be required to determine the one remaining teaching staff representative from the Faculty of Medicine

All other teaching staff seats on the Academic Board were filled by acclamation. Details of the election results, including the names of all candidates, are available online.

Please join me in thanking all of the candidates who participated in this year’s elections. I would like to offer my congratulations to those who have been elected or acclaimed in their respective constituencies, and I thank everyone who participated in the elections process.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in University governance.