Principal of Woodsworth College (PDAD&C #115)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Date: June 7, 2017
Re: Principal of Woodsworth College (PDAD&C #115)

I write to share news of a change in end date of Professor Joe Desloges’ term as Principal of Woodsworth College. Professor Desloges was appointed for a second term as Principal of Woodsworth College, from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2018. Per the administrative leave option outlined in the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators, Professor Desloges elected to take an administrative leave in 2015-16, thereby allowing for an extension of one additional year to his term.

We are pleased to confirm that Professor Desloges has accepted an extension to serve as Principal for an additional year; his term will now end on June 30, 2019. Dean Cameron and I are both grateful for Professor Desloges’ outstanding service and look forward to working with him for an additional year in his capacity as Principal of Woodsworth College.