New IT Committees Set to Launch in Early 2023 

From: Bo Wandschneider, Chief Information Officer
Date: December 13, 2022
Re: New IT Committees Set to Launch in Early 2023 

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is launching three new IT committees to increase awareness and opportunities for consultation on IT activities across the University of Toronto, in alignment with the IT@UofT strategic plan and the Policy on Information Technology.  
These new committees – the IT@UofT Board, IT@UofT Business Board and IT@UofT Service Management Board – are planned to launch in early 2023. They will provide key benefits such as: 

  • Creating a forum for the discussion of high-level, institution-wide information technology deployment across U of T 
  • Helping to align IT activities with the IT@UofT strategic plan and the University’s academic mission 
  • Making the case for initiatives that support academic, administrative and IT requirements 
  • Enhancing communication and transparency on IT priorities, plans and works in progress 
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration and shared initiatives 
  • Increasing the efficiency and coordination of decision-making 

These committees will be comprised of senior representation from the University’s academic and administrative divisions. They will serve to inform the CIO Office and IT@UofT on the deployment of information technologies, practices and policies regarding access and use of IT resources in support of the University’s mission. 

For more information about the new committees, visit:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Marden Paul, Director, Planning, Governance & Assessment