Launch of the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision

From: Joshua Barker, Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Date: November 18, 2021
Re: Launch of the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision

The School of Graduate Studies is excited to announce the launch of its new Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision (CGMS).  

CGMS supports successful mentorship and supervisory relationships using a unique person-centred, solution-oriented approach. As there is no one-size-fits-all solution to conflict management and resolution, CGMS offers personalized support to students, supervisors, and mentors to assist them in effectively navigating their supervisory and mentorships relationships. That means they can call or email our team for confidential support regarding their mentorship or supervisory relationships. That’s it. No forms and paperwork. No need to send multiple emails or coordinate between departments. Just call or email and CGMS will be there to provide direct assistance and coordinate other supports. 

In addition to offering personalized support, CGMS will also deliver high-quality graduate mentorship and supervision training. Graduate units and faculties are invited to contact CGMS to arrange a customized workshop for their communities. Mentorship and supervision resources will soon be available on the website; check our website for upcoming events and workshops. 

In short: Your situation matters. We’re here. Contact us.  

It is thanks to the support from across the University of Toronto that CGMS was developed, and we appreciate all who contributed to its creation and for your continued support as we evolve to best support student, supervisor, and mentor needs. I invite you to visit the new CGMS website ( and read the FAQs. The CGMS team is available to answer any questions and values your input/feedback.  

I appreciate your support sharing this exciting news with your communities. Please visit our website to access our promotional kit which includes graphics, draft text, and more.