International Dual Degree Programs (PDAD&C #34)

From: Sioban Nelson, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
Date: February 5, 2016
Re: International Dual Degree Programs (PDAD&C #34)

Following consultation with Principals and Deans, I am pleased to announce that materials to support the development and approval of Dual Degree programs are now available on the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs (VPAP) website.

A Dual Degree Program comprises two existing, approved degree programs, one offered by the University of Toronto and the other by an international peer institution. Students can complete the requirements of both programs, providing a distinctive academic benefit to the student (e.g., academic enrichment, student mobility, academic acceleration, etc.).

Divisions interested in developing a Dual Degree Program can visit the VPAP website or contact:
Daniella Mallinick
Director, Academic Programs, Planning & Quality Assurance
Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs