Implementation of a Faculty Portal for Accommodated Tests and Exams (PDAD&C #11)

From: Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships & Vice-Provost, Academic Operations
Sandy Welsh, Vice Provost, Students
Date: September 5, 2019
Re: Implementation of a Faculty Portal for Accommodated Tests and Exams (PDAD&C #11)

Please circulate to all faculty and instructors

As you are likely aware, the number of students registering with Accessibility Services and writing tests and exams with accommodations has increased significantly over the past five years. This is representative of a national trend. Communication between faculty members and the accommodated Test and Exam Centre is key in ensuring the academic integrity of the assessment process, and that students write with their required accommodations.

Following consultation with a cross section of students, instructors, staff and senior leadership, Test and Exam Services (TES) is partnering with the Next Generation Student Information Services (NGSIS) team within Information Technology Services, to bring accommodated tests and exams services to the next level, implementing new processes and technology to support a growing need at the University. In order to more effectively manage their communication with faculty members, the first phase of the project is focused on developing a faculty portal within the Course Information System. Other universities have found that the development of a faculty portal increased efficiency and ease for both faculty members and the Test and Exam Centre.

This new system will allow faculty members to view all the accommodated tests and exam requests in one central location, allow for a secure electronic uploading of tests and reduce the number of emails asking for repetitive information. It is anticipated that this new approach will provide a more effective mechanism for communication and the provision of academic accommodations within the academic integrity guidelines. Subsequent phases of the project will focus on improving student and staff experiences.

For more information about the project, please visit: