Holiday Schedule and Inquiries Regarding January 2, 2017 (PDAD&C #35)

From: Erin Jackson, Executive Director, Integrated Human Resources (iHR)
Date: November 16, 2016
Re: Holiday Schedule and Inquiries Regarding January 2, 2017 (PDAD&C #35)

In planning the University’s holiday schedule, we make every effort to provide a two-week closure in December. We also make every effort to match the closure schedule set out by the school boards of the Greater Toronto Area, although this year it was not possible given program requirements and exam schedules.

We have received inquiries over the last few weeks regarding the University’s reopening in January. A number of faculties who were part of the closure consultation process indicated that due to program requirements they could not accommodate a later opening in January. As a result, the University will reopen on January 2, 2017.

A reminder that this does not preclude employees, in particular those colleagues with children who will be on school holiday, from requesting the use of existing vacation entitlement.