Graduate Supervision Resources and Supports for Students (PDAD&C #32)

From: Joshua Barker, Vice-Provost, Graduate Research & Education and Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Date: November 17, 2017
Re: Graduate Supervision Resources and Supports for Students (PDAD&C #32)

In recognition of the defining role that supervision has in the academic lives and future careers of our graduate students, the School of Graduate Studies has partnered with the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union to outline the supervision resources and supports available at the University of Toronto.

This builds upon the graduate supervision guidelines for faculty (2017) and students (2016) developed with students, faculty, and staff across our three campuses. It also provides a conflict resolution pathway to students who are experiencing difficulty within their supervisory relationship. I encourage graduate units to become familiar with this pathway and to share this information with your students. As a graduate community, we can work together to ensure that students benefit from the guidance, specialized knowledge, and professional network that a positive and productive supervision experience can offer.