Extension of 2nd Round of Call for Proposals – Student Space Enhancement Fund (PDAD&C #35)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Date: January 29, 2020
Re:  Extension of 2nd Round of Call for Proposals – Student Space Enhancement Fund (PDAD&C #35)

The Office of the Vice-President & Provost has extended the deadline for the second round of applications in the Major activities category of the Student Space Enhancement Fund (SSEF). This is also a reminder that applications in the Minor activities category are accepted on a rolling basis.

Through the SSEF, my office provides funds to increase and improve non-academic spaces for our students. This fund is designed to create or improve space that is available to all students, regardless of division or campus enrollment, thereby contributing to student health and wellbeing. Enhancing such spaces supports students’ academic development, personal experience, and community connections so they can thrive at U of T.

You will recall from the recent release of our Administrative Response to the Final Report of the Task Force on Student Mental Health, that the SSEF is a key part of our commitment to improving student experience in the area of physical spaces and facilities.

Types of Eligible Projects

Projects must demonstrate impact on achieving the University’s goals by:

  1. Modifying an existing space through equipment and furniture solutions
  2. Replicating, expanding, or adapting an existing space to be available to all students
  3. Creating and developing newly identified space for students

Funding Streams

The SSEF supports two levels of grant activities:

  • Minor (Up to $100,000)
  • Major ($100,000 or higher)


  • Refreshes existing space, including equipment and furniture solutions;
  • Employs innovative approaches to space design; and
  • Increases usable student space for all University of Toronto students, being responsive to diverse student needs.

Amount: Up to $100,000
Deadline: Rolling


  • Expanding, replicating, or adapting existing spaces to be available to all students;
  • Creating and developing newly identified space;
  • Improving overall impact on the student experience through space;
  • Relationship-building across the University through space enhancement; and
  • Involvement of a student group in space projects.

Amount: $100,000 or higher
Deadline: 2 times per year


Applications for the two Fund streams will be accepted according to the following timelines:

  • Minor grants (Up to $100,000) are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Major grants ($100,000 or higher) are accepted twice per year. The deadlines for the 2019 – 2020 academic year will be August 1, 2019 and February 14, 2020 (extended from February 3, 2020).

Additional information is available online. Questions about SSEF can be directed to the co-chairs, David Newman, Executive Director, Student Experience and Christine Burke, Director, Campus & Facilities Planning at student.life@utoronto.ca.