Elevating the University of Toronto’s presence in the United States (PDAD&C #33)

From: Edward Sargent, Vice-President, International
Date: November 10, 2016
Re: Elevating the University of Toronto’s presence in the United States (PDAD&C #33)

Multiple divisions across U of T’s three campuses are placing added priority on recruiting truly outstanding students from the United States in the 2016-17 recruitment cycle. We take this opportunity to welcome each faculty member – especially when traveling to the US for academic conferences and public engagement – to talk about U of T’s truly outstanding student experience; globally-celebrated research excellence; and diversity and inclusivity. We would like to draw to each faculty member’s attention these resources:

U of T is one of the Top Ten public Universities in the World.
If U of T were in the US, it would rank among the Top-5 public institutions: University of California, Berkeley; University of California Los Angeles; University of Michigan; University of Toronto, University of Washington [Times Higher Ed 2015-16].

U of T is at the heart of the highly internationalized, diverse, safe, and inclusive city of Toronto.

U of T makes the Top 10 global list for the employability of its graduates.
It is joined on the Top 10 list by Princeton, Columbia, and Stanford. U of T ranks above Duke, UC Berkeley, and NYU.

Students can work in Canada while studying, and for three years after graduation.
Many international students gain permanent resident status in Canada as a result of their academic credentials and work experience.

U of T offers 700 undergraduate programs, allowing students unparalleled academic options as well as a rich student life.