Call for Proposals — Global Classrooms

From: Joseph Wong, Vice-President, International
Date: March 3, 2021
Re: Call for Proposals — Global Classrooms

Funding is available to support the development of Global Classrooms through a recently launched funding initiative. Global Classrooms (GC) offer an accessible way to internationalize teaching and learning experiences by combining global and cross-cultural collaborations with technology. Additionally, they enable faculty and instructors to work closely with peers abroad. GCs benefit students and organizations in participating regions by offering a cost-effective complement to student mobility, as well as creating pathways to international exchange and study abroad. The goal is to leverage existing technology and strengths within the GC collaboration. 

The funding initiative will support costs identified by faculty to develop low, medium and high touch Global Classrooms.  Funding of up to $10,000 is available, depending on the nature of the Global Classroom proposed.   Global classrooms taking place in the summer or fall term of 2021 and/or the winter term of 2022 are eligible for support through this program. 

Applicants are encouraged to work with local campus teams in developing their proposal. These teams can also help address questions about/connect applicants with IT, teaching support or other resources as needed. To discuss your application in advance, please contact for St. George; for UTM; and for UTSC. Your query will be directed to the appropriate person.


  • March 15                         Two paragraph overview due
  • March-May                     Develop proposal, supported by local campus teams as needed
  • On or before May 14    Submission of (up to) three-page proposal
  • Week of May 31            Decision on funded proposals (note for summer courses, decisions will be expedited as needed)

For more information on the Global Classrooms, please check the Learning Abroad Website.