C150 Steering Committee Updates – Event Calendar; Call for Proposals; Event Materials; Website Content

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Donald Ainslie, Principal, University College and Chair, Sesquicentennial Steering Committee
Date: February 15, 2017
Re: C150 Steering Committee Updates – Event Calendar; Call for Proposals; Event Materials; Website Content

Now that Canada’s sesquicentennial year is upon us, the University is joining in celebrations of this important milestone. But it is also important to use this occasion to bring the University’s intellectual resources to bear on questions of our past and future.

There will be a number of events including activities connecting the University with local communities, undergraduate-focused academic initiatives, and divisional and unit-level academic conferences thematically linked to the Sesquicentennial.

Many of these events are support by the University’s Canada’s Sesquicentennial Initiative Fund and Canada 150 Student Fund @UofT. A listing of funded events can be found on the Canada 150 website: http://canada150.utoronto.ca/projects/.

Canada’s Sesquicentennial Fund – Call for Proposals

Canada’s Sesquicentennial Initiative Fund supports faculty members in academic initiatives tied to Canada’s 150th birthday. These may take the form of conferences, workshops, panels, or guest speakers, with all events taking place during the 2017 calendar year. The value of funding per initiative will be a maximum grant of $2,500 and will be matched by the division or academic unit leading the event.

Applications have reopened. More information can be found here.

Event Materials

A selection of both printed (signage, banners, flags) and digital assets (PowerPoint, printable signage, letterhead, etc.) are available for use in Canada 150 events and marketing.

For more information and to download a PDF visit: http://canada150.utoronto.ca/eventmaterials/

Please send questions or requests to borrow the event signage to canada150@utoronto.ca

Website Content  

U of T’s Sesquicentennial Steering Committee is currently looking for submissions for the Canada 150 website, including news related to the University and the Sesquicentennial, stories about historical events or alumni that impacted the country and the University, and additional Canada 150 related events occurring on campus.

All contributed (funded and non-funded) events are included in the U of T C150 Event Calendar: http://canada150.utoronto.ca/events-calendar/.

Contact the Steering Committee

For more information or to submit content, contact us at canada150@utoronto.ca.