Call for Nominations – Presidential and Provostial Advisory Group on Alternative Funding Sources (PDAD&C #36)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Date: November 23, 2017
Re: Call for Nominations – Presidential and Provostial Advisory Group on Alternative Funding Sources (PDAD&C #36)

Ontario universities are facing increasing financial pressure, with a declining portion of operating revenues coming from provincial operating grants and constrained tuition and enrolment frameworks.

The University of Toronto continues to be “committed to being an internationally significant research university,” which requires us to think creatively about how we might fund our mission and aspirations. As a result, President Meric Gertler and I are establishing an Advisory Group to consider how the University can broaden its funding sources to provide it with a strong financial basis going forward.

The Advisory Group’s mandate is to examine and recommend a range of alternative funding sources for the University. Within one year, the Advisory Group will:

  • Articulate a set of principles, aligned with the University of Toronto’s mission and values, to guide recommendations regarding alternative funding sources;
  • Develop an understanding of the regulatory environment for publicly assisted universities in the province of Ontario;
  • Consider core assets of the University that can be leveraged to generate new revenue streams;
  • Examine a wide set of options for alternative funding sources through consideration of examples from the higher education sectors and other sectors;
  • Develop a consultation and community engagement process to seek input on options; and
  • Recommend a limited set of options and strategies for diversifying funding sources.

The Advisory Group will include individuals with relevant expertise from each of the following constituencies:

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students from across the University’s three campuses;
  • Alumni; and
  • Governors appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council (LGIC).

Sally Garner, Senior Strategist, Operational Initiatives, will serve as Senior Assessor to the Advisory Group. Subcommittees may be established as determined by the Advisory Group.

The President and I invite nominations for members of the Advisory Group, which can be submitted by email to by Friday, December 8.