Call for Nominations — Associate Vice-President, Research

From: Edward (Ted) Sargent, Vice-President, Research & Innovation, and Strategic Initiatives
Date: October 1, 2020
Re: Call for Nominations — Associate Vice-President, Research

Since beginning my term as Vice-President in July 2020, I have been having discussions with academic leaders at the University. As part of these discussions, I learned about key research priorities for the academic divisions, in particular, the need for an inspiring academic leader who mobilizes our campuses around further increasing our research supports and funding, and ensuring that the excellence of our scholars is recognized.

Accordingly, an Associate Vice-President, Research role has been created to advance core research.  The Associate Vice-President will work closely with the Research Advisory Board, the Advisory Board for the Centre for Research Innovation & Support(CRIS), and divisional leadership to enhance our supports for scholars to increase the quality, impact, and resourcing of their work. The incumbent will also work closely with the Vice-President & Provost and the Vice-President, International on initiatives that intersect these portfolios. 

The Associate Vice-President, Research will pursue ever-increasing excellence in, and resourcing of, research for all of our faculty members, especially via foundational tri-council programs, including both single- researcher and team grants. They will champion and foster the work of our faculty in garnering prestigious scholarly honours and awards. Working with CRIS, they will develop University-wide mutual mentoring opportunities for single and team research, convening workshops in which faculty members can share best practices, as well as offering workshops to raise further the quality, resourcing and impact of our research. They will also support the development of a university research infrastructure roadmap.

I invite nominations of individuals to be considered as Associate Vice-President and encourage nominations of those who reflect the diversity of our community. Nominations are welcome by email to Helen Lasthiotakis, Executive Director, Research & Strategic Initiatives ( by October 14, 2020. Communications will be received in confidence.