Call for Applications – 2023-24 Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Program

From: Vina Goghari, Vice-Dean, Research and Program Innovation, School of Graduate Studies  
Date: November 18, 2022   
Re: Call for Applications – 2023-24 Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Program     

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is pleased to announce the next cycle of applications for the Connaught PhDs for Public Impact Fellowship Program as part of the core offerings of the Centre for Graduate Professional Development. Under the leadership of Vice-Dean, Research and Program Innovation at SGS, this program aims to support graduate students as they work across academic disciplines, institutions, organizations, and communities to further research, scholarship, and creative practice for the public good. This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to take their research beyond the academy.   

Fellows from Connaught PhDs for Public Impact will focus on engaging the public through a scholarly agenda. This could involve a range of activities, from describing their work in a public forum (e.g., in a tweet, a personal blog post, a podcast interview, or an op-ed) to partnering with a school, community organization, or cultural institution (e.g., museum, theatre, archive) in an ongoing two-way exchange of knowledge and practices.  

SGS will hold an online information session for students on Tuesday, December 13, from 1- 2pm. Those interested are asked to register in advance using the following link: Information Session Registration 

Fellowship applications are due by March 1, 2023. For more information on the program and application requirements, please visit the Centre for Graduate Professional Development website.  

I appreciate your support in sharing this exciting opportunity with your research-stream doctoral students.