Business Continuity Planning at U of T

From: Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships
Date: March 3, 2020
Re: Business Continuity Planning at U of T

In 2018, an institutional Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Committee was tasked with the establishment and integration of central institutional plans. These plans facilitate the recovery of critical functions like services to provide security, food and shelter in the case of emergency. The committee also focused on ensuring services such as the campus alert system and payroll will continue to function no matter the event.

We strongly encourage individual faculties and divisions to draft their own plans. In collaboration with other institutional portfolios, OREP has set up an online business continuity planning hub: The website details the essential functions the institution is responsible for and includes guidelines and templates to help individual U of T divisions craft a BCP tailored to their needs.

The main goal of the University’s business continuity planning process is to assist each unit to recover to a fully operational level within 30 days of a major interruption, with interim timelines based on function criticality. To better prepare your administrative, research, or academic unit to resume essential and critical functions and services following an emergency, please see the templates and resources available on the website. To learn more about business continuity at U of T, visit

If you have further questions, please contact Elizabeth Cragg, Director, Office of the Vice President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships, at 416-978-4900 or via email