Appointment of Deputy Secretary of the Governing Council (PDAD&C #59)

From: Sheree Drummond, Secretary of the Governing Council
Date: May 10, 2016
Re: Appointment of Deputy Secretary of the Governing Council (PDAD&C #59)

I am very pleased to inform you that, at its meeting yesterday, the Executive Committee approved the appointment of Mr. Anwar Kazimi as Deputy Secretary of the Governing Council effective June 1, 2016.

Anwar currently serves as an Assistant Secretary to the Governing Council. He joined the Office of the Governing Council in January 2010 as Committee Secretary. Over the course of his time in the Office he has provided Secretariat support to the Governing Council (as Recording Secretary), to the Academic Board, and to the Planning and Budget Committee. He also serves as the Chief Returning Officer, leading a team of Deputy Returning Officers in overseeing the elections for the Governing Council, the Academic Board, the Campus Councils and their Standing Committees.

Anwar has a well-earned reputation as a collegial, service-oriented, and experienced governance professional. He has a deep understanding of, and genuine appreciation for, our tri-campus governance system. He also has a keen sensitivity to the boundaries between governance and administration. As a member of the Secretariat team Anwar has placed a strong emphasis on building excellent working relationships with members of the administration, with governors and other members of governance bodies from all estates, and with his colleagues.

Prior to joining the Office of the Governing Council, Anwar served as a Senior Financial Aid Counsellor at Admissions and Awards (now Enrolment Services) from December 2003 to December 2009. In that capacity, he was the Coordinator for the University of Toronto’s Work – Study Program. He also provided advice relating to financial aid to prospective applicants and registered University of Toronto students. From February 1995 to November 2003 he served as an Admissions Counsellor providing counseling to prospective applicants, including international applicants, to all undergraduate programs, among other duties.

From 1986 – 1994, Anwar worked in the tourism industry as a Tours Executive in Muscat, Oman and in New Delhi, India.

Anwar is a proud double graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction (Anthropology and Equity Studies) and a Master of Education (Higher Education Leadership.

Please join me in warmly congratulating Anwar on his appointment.