Appointment of Advisor on International Student Experience (PDAD&C #3)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Ted Sargent, Vice-President, International
Date: July 21, 2016
Re: Appointment of Advisor on International Student Experience (PDAD&C #3)

Photo_DeslogesWe are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Joseph Desloges as Advisor on International Student Experience, jointly to the Provost and to the Vice-President, International from July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. During this time, Professor Desloges will continue to serve as Principal of Woodsworth College.

As Provostial and Vice-Presidential Advisor on International Student Experience, Professor Desloges will advise on the development and enhancement of international experiences for University of Toronto students, including exchanges, study and summer abroad programs, international placements, and other activities. Professor Desloges will work closely with Professor Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students and Professor Susan McCahan, Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education, with the Centre for International Experience (CIE), and with academic and staff leaders across the University.

Professor Desloges is a full professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, and is cross-appointed to the Department of Earth Sciences. As current Principal of Woodsworth College, Professor Desloges’ leadership has enriched the student experience on numerous fronts, including the establishment of the Woodsworth ONE program; the growth of the College’s academic writing centre; enhancement of Woodsworth’s important academic bridging programs; and further development of the College’s summer and study abroad programs.

Professor Desloges’ research focuses on the influence of climate change and human disturbance on river forms, glacier landscapes, and general landform development in the northern hemisphere. He has won numerous grants and awards for his excellent research and teaching. He received his B.E.S. from the University of Waterloo, his M.Sc. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

The University of Toronto is committed to offering outstanding intercultural learning and global experiences for our students. We are confident that Professor Desloges’ background as a researcher and in academic administration will make him the ideal advisor as we continue to build our portfolio of student international experience at the University.

Please join us in welcoming Professor Desloges to this new position.