Announcing the Review of the Role of the Colleges on the St. George Campus (PDAD&C #27)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Date: November 28, 2019
Re: Announcing the Review of the Role of the Colleges on the St. George Campus (PDAD&C #27)

As noted in the 2008 Statement on the Roles of the Constituent and Federated Colleges, “The college system is one of the distinctive features of the St. George campus… The Colleges are key contributors in enabling student engagement, success and satisfaction with their university experience.”  

Review and academic planning activities are an essential element of ensuring that the University of Toronto provides the highest quality academic opportunities and supports for our students. These activities provide critical opportunities to reflect together and prepare to address future opportunities and challenges.  

In this spirit of continuous improvement, I am launching a Review of the Role of the Colleges on the St. George Campus. This review will consider how individuals and organizational units across multiple communities can best work together in support of common goals around student experience, academic programming, and student success. These communities include U of T’s Constituent Colleges (Innis, New, University and Woodsworth), the three universities federated with U of T (Victoria University, Trinity College and University of St. Michael’s College) and their undergraduate arts colleges, the Faculty of Arts and Science, as well as other Faculties and institutional offices on the St. George campus.  

The Review of the Role of the Colleges will be guided by a Steering Committee and supported by five Working Groups: 

  1. Reviews, Academic Planning and Academic Change 
  2. Student Experience 
  3. Recruitment, Admissions and Enrolment Planning 
  4. Residences 
  5. Resources  

The Working Groups will undertake consultation with students, staff, faculty and academic administrators. Working Groups will confirm or develop principles to guide future decision-making, and propose changes to policy and procedure, as appropriate. The Review will take place throughout 2020. Further details will be released on the project website as each group begins its work. Questions about the Review of the Role of the Colleges can be sent to