Announcing the Advisory Committee for the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science (PDAD&C #15)

From: Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost
Date: September 21, 2018
Re: Announcing the Advisory Committee for the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science (PDAD&C #15)

In accordance with Section 60 of the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators, President Gertler has appointed a committee to advise on the appointment of a new Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science. The composition of the committee is as follows:

Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost

Teaching Staff of the Faculty:
Susanne Ferber, Professor, Department of Psychology
Antoinette Handley, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Diane Horton, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Computer Science
Alexie Tcheuyap, Professor, Department of French Studies
Vincent Tropepe, Professor, Department of Cell & Systems Biology

Lochin Brouillard, PhD Student
Adam Da Costa Gomes, Undergraduate Student

Other Qualified Individuals:
Joseph Desloges, Principal, Woodsworth College
Deepa Kundur, Chair, Division of Engineering Science, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
Tiff Macklem, Dean, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
Trevor Young, Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies:
Luc De Nil, Acting Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Larry Alford, Chief Librarian, University of Toronto Libraries

Administrative Staff of the Faculty:
Caroline Rabbat, Director, Critical Incidents, Safety & Health Awareness

The Advisory Committee will begin meeting in the fall and welcomes comments and nominations from interested persons. These may be sent to the attention of Archana Sridhar, Assistant Provost, by mail (Simcoe Hall Room 225) or by email to Communications will be received in confidence and will be anonymized before consideration by the Advisory Committee.