Announcement of Nadina Jamison as Chief Strategy Officer, Office of the President

From: Meric Gertler, President
Date: October 24, 2019
Re: Announcement of Nadina Jamison as Chief Strategy Officer, Office of the President

I am delighted to announce that the Senior Appointments & Compensation Committee has approved a change to Dr. Nadina Jamison’s title, from Assistant Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives to Chief Strategy Officer, Office of the President, effective September 16, 2019.

This position has been renamed to distinguish it more clearly from another similarly named role, and to signal more clearly a direct reporting relationship to the President.

Given the recent expansion of the role and title for the Vice-President Research and Innovation, and Strategic Initiatives along with the newly created academic role of the Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost, Strategic Initiatives, this new title of Chief Strategy Officer, Office of the President is intended to signal the work that is being done within the President’s Office, which is broader and higher-level in nature. 

While Dr. Jamison’s title will change, her responsibilities will remain focused on university-wide strategic goals.  The work of the Chief Strategy Officer includes horizon-monitoring to identify medium- and long-term opportunities and challenges for the university, maintaining sustained attention to strategic choices for the institution, and working with the President to ensure the effective articulation and execution of key priorities at the institutional level. 

She will continue to have responsibility for coordinating and ensuring alignment across the various Vice-Presidential portfolios and other senior stakeholders to support execution of strategic initiatives, as well as overseeing the development and execution of change management strategies and plans with measurable objectives in support of institutional initiatives.  In addition to these responsibilities, Nadina will continue to identify opportunities for my office to engage with members of the University community, as well as external stakeholders, on a regular basis.

The ‘Chief Strategy Officer’ title is consistent with those found elsewhere in leading universities and other organizations where individuals at senior levels are focused on providing strategic leadership.