2016-17 Tuition Fee Schedules, Domestic Tuition Framework, and the 2015-16 Enrolment Report (PDAD&C #53)

From: Ken DeBaeremaeker, Manager, Enrolment and Tuition Fees Planning and Analysis
Date: April 14, 2016
Re: 2016-17 Tuition Fee Schedules, Domestic Tuition Framework, and the 2015-16 Enrolment Report (PDAD&C #53)

Tuition Fee Schedules 2016-17:

1. 2016-17 Domestic Tuition Fee Schedules
2. 2016-17 and Preliminary 2017-18 International Tuition Fee Schedules
3. Fee Level Commitment to Continuing Students
4. 2016-17 Tuition Fee Schedules for Self-Funded Programs

The 2016-17 tuition fee schedules were approved by the Governing Council at its April 7, 2016 meeting. The preliminary 2017-18 international tuition fee rates are being provided at this time for planning purposes. The preliminary 2017-18 international fees are subject to future change and to the Governing Council’s review and approval in spring 2017.

Note: For specific information regarding payment of tuition and fees, including incidental fees, please visit Student Accounts.

Domestic Tuition Framework Guidelines for 2013-14 to 2016-17:

The domestic tuition fees have been set in compliance with the Provincial Tuition Framework announced in late March 2013 and the University’s policies. 2016-17 is the last year of the current Provincial Tuition Framework and the Provincial Framework Guidelines may be accessed at: http://www.planningandbudget.utoronto.ca/Tuition_and_Ancillary_Fees_Cover/tuition.htm.

Enrolment Report 2015-16:

The Enrolment Report contains both actual and projected enrolments through to 2020-21. The enrolment projections are the basis for the revenue projections used in the University’s long-range budget guidelines and the Budget Report. The Enrolment Report also provides some background context for future institutional and divisional enrolment planning.

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