2016-17 Immigration Considerations for International Visitors & Faculty (PDAD&C #53)

From: Sioban Nelson, Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life
Date: January 19, 2017
Re: 2016-17 Immigration Considerations for International Visitors & Faculty (PDAD&C #53)

At this time of year, when you are planning for faculty hiring and summer visitors and trainees, please remember that it is important to issue the appropriate invitation to international visitors, even those who will not receive pay. It is your responsibility as a chair, dean, or director to ensure that those in your department are aware of these rules.

There are a number of resources available at the University to assist you in navigating this process. The downloadable PDF, Bringing the World to U of T, is a quick guide that flags issues that can arise with international visitors and provides information about where you can seek advice. Please share it with others in your department/division.

For further information, please visit immigration.utoronto.ca.