Presidential Review (PDAD&C #64)

From: Shirley Hoy, Chair of the Governing Council
Date: February 17, 2017
Re: Presidential Review (PDAD&C #64)

Requirement for a Review

President Gertler will complete his term as President of the University of Toronto on June 30, 2018. In approving his appointment in 2013, the Governing Council also provided for a further appointment up to an additional five years, subject to review not later than the fall of 2017 by the Executive Committee of the Governing Council.

Professor Gertler has expressed his willingness to consider re-appointment.

In this context, at its meeting of February 6, 2017, the Executive Committee approved the mandate and schedule for the upcoming Presidential Review. The intent is to make its recommendations to the Governing Council for consideration at the meeting scheduled for May 18, 2017.


The mandate of this review is to seek input and advice from governors and from specific groups and individuals within the University of Toronto community and beyond. In addition to comments on the President’s accomplishments, and consistent with previous Presidential reviews, the Committee will seek advice on the advancement of priorities in the following areas:

  • Increasing the University’s capacity for creating knowledge, and advancing research and scholarship that is recognized internationally as outstanding among its peer institutions.
  • Building effective relationships that will advance the University’s interests and those of post-secondary education in general. This includes establishing or strengthening alliances with governments, agencies, foundations, research hospital partners, other universities, industry, donors, and alumni.
  • Being a strong external representative and a champion of the University as a force for public good. This includes encouraging research and scholarship on – and being able to contribute personally to debate on – pressing public issues.
  • Delineating a strategic vision for the University, both in the shorter- and longer-term.
  • Establishing a strong executive team and motivating academic leaders and other administrators across the three campuses.
  • Enhancing the quality of student experience for all groups of students, but with particular attention to the re-invigoration of undergraduate life within and outside the classroom.
  • Fostering a culture that attracts, motivates, recognizes and retains excellent faculty.


The Executive Committee itself will undertake the review, and to facilitate the process, will establish small panels of Committee members to conduct confidential interviews with governors (by estate) and with members of the Campus Councils. In keeping with the expected role of the Board and Campus Council Chairs in Executive Committee meetings, they will be invited to participate in the process and to serve on the panels. The Secretary of the Governing Council will serve as secretary to the review.

As well, invitations to provide written submissions will be extended to:

  • Presidents of the unionized groups and the University of Toronto Faculty Association;
  • Presidents of the five student governments and the Faculty/College-based Student Associations;
  • Key individuals in the federal, provincial and municipal governments;
  • Local partners (e.g., Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN), MaRS; GTA universities); and,
  • Select alumni and donors.


Membership of the Governing Council’s Executive Committee, which includes representation of all estates, is as follows:

Administrative Staff:
Mr. P.C. Choo

Mr. David Bowden
Mr. Gary Goldberg

Government Appointees:
Ms. Janet Ecker
Ms. Claire Kennedy
Mr. Brian Lawson
Mr. John Morgan

Mr. Aidan Fishman
Ms. Susan Froom

Teaching Staff:
Professor Elizabeth Smyth
Professor Salvatore Spadafora
Professor Janice Gross Stein

Ex Officio:
Ms. Shirley Hoy (Chair)
Ms. Jane Pepino (Vice-Chair)

In addition, the Board and Campus Council Chairs are as follows:

  • Professor Hugh Gunz, Chair, UTM Campus Council
  • Ms. Claire Kennedy, Chair, Business Board
  • Professor Paul Kingston, Chair, UTSC Campus Council
  • Professor Andrea Sass-Kortsak, Chair, Academic Board
  • Mr. Andrew Szende, Chair, University Affairs Board

All questions can be directed to:

Sheree Drummond
Secretary of the Governing Council