Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey – February & March 2018 (PDAD&C #60)

From: Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students
Date: February 9, 2018
Re: Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey – February & March 2018 (PDAD&C #60)

In Ontario, Bill 132 contained specific requirements for institutional data collection and reporting on sexual violence. The University of Toronto, along with the Council of Ontario Universities, continues to be supportive of data collection and sharing information across the sector. As such, we have been working with the Provincial government on the development of a survey tool for benchmarking and understanding sexual violence on university campuses in Ontario.

CCI Research Inc. is conducting this survey on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, colleges, private career colleges, and universities in Ontario. The University of Toronto’s Sexual Violence Climate Survey Advisory Board has provided feedback on the survey and the protocol has been approved by the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board at U of T.

The Survey: Student Voices on Sexual Violence

The survey will launch in late February and run through March 2018 – with plans for a second cycle in 2021. The Ministry has specified that all full-time undergraduate and graduate university students, public college students, as well as students attending registered private career colleges across Ontario will be invited to participate in the survey (approx. 650,000 students).

The survey will be available to university students between February 26 and March 26, 2018. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and students will receive a $5 e-gift card upon completion. Due to the sensitivity of the content there are community and campus resources and supports embedded into the survey and a ‘support button’ is available throughout the survey.

The Ministry plans to release survey results in summer/fall 2018 and make public the common metrics at universities in fall 2018. For more information, visit the survey website.

Communication Snapshot

  • Students will receive an email with a personalized link to complete the survey from CCI Research Inc.;
  • Social media language and graphics will be shared via various channels across the University;
  • Zoom posters will be installed in the washrooms across the three campuses in February and March;
  • Hard copies of posters will be mailed to divisions, registrars, and various student services offices in February.

Please direct any questions to:

Office of the Vice-Provost, Students