International Travel for Work Purposes  

From: Gwen Burrows, Assistant Vice President, International Engagement and Impact
Date: October 13, 2022
Re: International Travel for Work Purposes  

Dear Colleagues,  

As restrictions on international travel continue to loosen, some of you may be travelling for university business purposes. We are committed to supporting your health and safety while you are abroad. U of T has partnered with International SOS  to provide a range of travel-related services to faculty, librarians and staff including trip logistics and helpful pre-departure information, medical and mental health support, and assistance in the event of an emergency like a natural disaster or security incident. 

Before you depart on work-related international travel, we encourage you to register for International SOS via the U of T Portal. At the portal you can also download the International SOS Assistance App and register with My Trips to share your travel itineraries, which will make it easier to connect with U of T in the event of in incident or emergency. 

Registering for International SOS services will provide you with timely support should you need it during your travels and will keep you as safe and healthy as possible in the event of an individual or local/national crisis in a particular country. For example, if you need a doctor, dentist or mental health professional in the location you are visiting, International SOS can help refer you. If there is a natural disaster like a tornado or an earthquake, or security incident such as armed conflict or protests, International SOS can help extract you as quickly as safely as possible. If you lose your passport or need help finding a safe place to stay, International SOS can assist.    

For more information about International SOS services available to you:  

In addition to signing up for International SOS we advise you carefully review the following before your departure:  

If you have further questions about International SOS services or require assistance, please visit the HR Service Centre to submit a request for help.